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Cros is a free operating system based on openSUSE. It uses the Cinnamon desktop as it's graphic user interface, and has a custom version of the Chromium web browser.

Chrome OS 24 Desktop

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Cr OS vs. Chrome OS

Cr OS can be distinguished from Chrome OS in the following ways.

Cr OS - An operating system based upon openSUSE, not affiliated with Google

Chrome OS - A proprietary operating system designed by Google, and designed to be installed on commercial Chrome Books.

OS Information

Cr OS, pronounced (/ˌkrɒsˈlɪnəks/), was initially released in 2009. It is based upon openSUSE and has used several desktops including Gnome, and Cinnamon. It employs Zypper as it's package manager, and the latest versions of the Chromium web browser.

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