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Ubuntu is a version of Linux based upon Debian, and developed by a company called Canonical. The name comes from a Zulu word which translates as humanity to others, describing the Ubuntu philosophy.

ubuntu 12.04

ubuntu 12.04

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Ubuntu is distributed as free and open source software with additional proprietary software available. Canonical releases new versions and supports them by providing security fixes, patches to critical bugs and minor updates to programs. The long term support versions, which are released every two years, are supported for three years on the desktop and five years for servers.

The main license used is the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) which explicitly declares that users are free to run, copy, distribute, study, change, develop and improve the software.

Ubuntu is sponsored by the UK based company Canonical, owned by entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. By keeping Ubuntu free and open source, Canonical is able to utilize the talents of community developers in Ubuntu's constituent components. Instead of selling Ubuntu for profit, Canonical creates revenue by selling technical support and from creating several services tied to Ubuntu.